Ren Mizuki

Psychic, Rain Waker, Water Ace



  • Str 4 (-6)
  • Dex 10 (0)
  • Con 24 (7)
  • Int 18 (4)
  • Wis 8 (-2)
  • Cha 12 (1)

HP: 148/148

Overland 7, Surface 7, Underwater 7

Class Abilities:

  • 1 Telekinesis [Psychic, At-Will, Not League Legal, Trainer Action, Any object you may lift]: Add your INT and CON modifires and multiply the total by 5 pounds. This represents the weight you may lift and items you may target with Telekinesis. Multiply your INT and CON modifires then multiply that product by 3 meters. This is how far the target can be. [Currently: 55 lbs within 84 m]
  • 1 Telepathy [Psychic, At-Will, Not League Legal, Free Action, Any other human who isnt immune]: You may read the surface thoughts of other humans, as well as project your surface thoiughts to other humans. You may also project telepathic message to your pokemon but may not read your pokemon’s minds.
  • 2 Extrasensory [Psychic, At-Will-Drains 8 HP, Not Legal, Trainer Action, A human or Pokemon]: Use the move Extrasensory [3d10+12, Ranged 5, 1 Target, Flinches on 19-20]. Use your Intelligence Stat as your Sp. Atk stat.
  • 3 Cryokinesis [Rain Waker, At-Will, Not Legal, Trainer Action, Ice]: When targeting any type of frozen water with Telekinesis, multiply your INT and Con modifier’s Sum by 10 lbs instead of 5lbs. You can mold ice into other forms of ice and freeze water by thought. As long as you are conscious, you and your non-Pokemon allies within 10 meters do not take damage from hail. [Currently 110 lbs]
  • 3 Hydrokinesis [Rain Waker, At-Will, Not Legal, Trainer Action]: When targeting any type of water with Telekinesis, multiply your INT and CON modifier’s sum by 10 pounds instead of 5 pounds. You can mold water into other forms of water and produce small quantities of water from the air by thought. [Currently 110 lbs]
  • 4 Whirlpool [Rain Waker, At-Will-Drains 7 HP, Not Legal, Trainer Action, Pokemon or Trainers]: Use the Move Whirlpool [1d12+6, Ranged 5, 1 target and Trap, Traps the target for 1d4+1 turns. At the beginning of the target’s turn, if the target is trapped, roll 1d12 and the target loses that much HP. Dont apply weakness, resistence, or stats to this HP loss. May not trap more than one target at a time]. Use your Constitution Stat as your SP. ATK stat.
  • 5 Cool Running [Rain Waker, Static, Legal]: You gain the Icestep capability [treat Icy or Snowy terrain as basic terrain]. In addition, you may cross still or slow-moving water by walking on the surface.
  • 6 Swimmer [Rain Waker, Static, Legal]: You are treated as if you have Surface and Underwater speeds, using your con modifier as the value. You may breathe underwater for X mins per hour, where X is your Constitution Stat minutes. [Currently Surface 5, Underwater 5 for 20 mins/hour]
  • 7 Rain Dance [Rain Waker, At-Will-Drains 20 HP, Not Legal, Trainer Action, No Target]: Use the move Rain Dance. [Field, Target Area, Weather, For 2 minutes (12 rounds), the area is considered Rainy. While Rainy, Water-Type attacks deal 1.5x damage. Fire-Type attacks deal 1/2 the damage they normally would.]
  • 8 Rainy Mood [Rain Waker, Static, Legal]: As long as either you are near a large body of water such as a lake or ocean or the weather is Rain or Hail, you may have water and ice typed Pokemon Moves you use via Rain Waker Features originate at significant sources of water nearby. Significant sources of water are at least enough to submerge a Small sized Pokemon.
  • 9 Water Training [Water Ace, Static, Legal, Your water pokemon that gains Exp]: Each of your water type pokemon gains +30% the amount of experience they would gain normally.
  • 9 Improved Water Attacks [Water Ace, Static, Legal, Your pokemon’s water type damage dealing attack hits]: When adding up damage dealt to the foe, add half of your con mod to the total.
  • 10 Water Shifting [Water Ace, 1/day/5 levels [Currently: 2/day], not legal, Trainer Action, A pokemon]. X is your CON modifier multiplied by 10 seconds or 1 round. The target temporarily gains the type you feel bound to. If it has 2 types already, temporarily replace one of their types. It becomes that type for X. At the end of combat apply experience multipliers from Water Training
  • 11 Water Sync [Water Ace, Extended, Legal, A pokemon] 1/15 levels ever [currently once]. Elemental Sync takes approximately 10 hours to complete. The targeted pokemon is permanently gains the Type you feel bound to. If the target has two Types, permanently replace one Type. If this pokemon is a single type, it gains a second type. The pokemon’s physical appearance is altered appropriately. You may take this feature up to three times.
  • 12 Waterfall [Rainwaker, Trainer Action, Illegal, A human or pokemon] use the move Waterfall. Use your con stat as your attack stat.
  • 13 Voltorb Flip [Normal, Free Action, Legal, A human or pokemon trys to read your mind] Roll 1d20 and add either your CON, INT or WIS modifier to the roll. If the roll is 13 or higher, you begin to think of an elaborate game of Voltorb Flip. The person reading your mind cannot read anything other then the game of Voltorb Flip in your mind and all other thoughts, secrets and bits of knowledge are safe from the mind reader. If Voltorb Flip is successful, any attempts to read your mind are unsuccessful for the next hour.

8 pokeballs
4 greatballs
1 premiere ball
2 super potions
2 potions
3 Moo Moo Milk
1 antidote
2 bottles of water
1 revive
1 Protector (on Ike)
1 Water Stone

20 credits


Age: 17
Birthday: June 27th
Birthplace: Kona Village

Only daughter of [Mother] Mizuki and [Father] Mizuki. Around age 2; my powers began to surface causing [Father] to abandon his family.

At age 6, Ren threw a typical little kid temper tantrum; making her powers flare wildly and doing serious damage to the surrounding area and buildings. Shortly there after; Ren calmed down, having no memory of what she did. We were made to leave the village due to my destructive power that I had misinterprated as

Ren Mizuki

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