Ryou Nakamura



Ryou Nakamura


Nakamura Akito, a mere 24 year old, had been climbing the chain of police command in Karuma city as the man that gets the job done. No matter what they threw at him, he could handle it, his only condition was to work alone, which, as one would expect, only got dismissed as a joke in police work. However, a few heads were turned when Akito’s parterns would start “getting lost” and arriving late when work needed doing. Needless to say, this became part of his resume as well and was most likely the deciding factor in Akito’s “promotion” to detective. Akito knew that it was just a way for them to keep him effective while causing less problems. Which meant he had succeeded, now he could hand out justice his way.

The next few years were a solidification of what Akito’s ideas into reality. He produced results, more than anyone else, with a small catch, hardly noticable if not specifically payed attention to, 97% of the criminals he revealed to be guilty were dead. The higher ups no doubt noticed it, but could do nothing about it, results, after all, were undeniable. And as Akito had thought, they even started covering for him. Simply heaven for one such as him..

..Until the day something he couldnt plan happened. Akito was finishing up after he was “forced” to shoot multiple criminals in a storage house. He had found out that these people were a particular band of exceptionally nasty loan sharks, had the proof he needed, but.. What he couldnt find out was what they were doing there, a crucial detail, for someone as keen at knowing all about the people he kills as he. In a certain container he found 2 corpses.. and a boy, sitting in their blood. Not crying, just.. thinking.

Akito, who was good at understanding most people, but never good at showing care for them, would normally just call for clean-up and, in similar cases, social services, as now he had everything pretty much figured out. But when the boy looked up at him, something clicked. The boy asked what had happened to the people who did this. Akito told him that they were dead. The boy sighed, but what Akito saw was not relief from the situation the boy was in, but relief he himself feels when he works, the relief when seeing justice fullfilled. The boy would be Akito’s son, Nakamura Ryou.


Ryou Nakamura

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