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Kosuke Foxglove’s Stats

The above stats include his personal stats, features, inventory, etc. Also includes a full list of his Pokemon, their stats and move lists. Each move list has the full effect and keywords of each of the moves, as well as the base damage of the move and the total damage after adding in stats.


Kosuke Foxglove is the son of Yoshikawa Foxglove, CEO of Exploration Industries. Commonly shortened to EI, the company produces a wide variety of equipment useful in going to harsh areas of the wilderness, from prescription goggles and aviator goggles to simple mountain climbing equipment and more. While the company has some mild success, it still has to struggle against such giants as Silph Co, which creates a drive to deliver high quality products. Also as a result of this, Kosuke’s father has a somewhat peculiar stance as far as his children are concerned. Kosuke and his younger brother and sister all have the ability to take over the company, but in order to do so they must work their way through the majority of the positions at the company, from the manufacturing to the Research and Development department, to get a feel for every aspect as they go. Much to his father’s chagrin, his oldest son has very little interest in taking over the company. This does not, however, diminish his father’s enthusiasm in grooming his eldest son for the position, and as such he has put Kosuke through a lot of intensive business training, with only mild success.

His father’s eccentricities extended even to preparing his son for his journey. With his resources he could have given Kosuke quite a lot of useful items to make his journey easier. Instead, he gave his son two pairs of goggles, one for flying and one for underwater exploration. He did not even provide pokeballs or a starting pokemon, but at least in the latter case it was more that he did not have to.

Kosuke is, by his nature, rather averse to social situations with people he isn’t familiar with. Such situations make him nauseous easily, though only the most stressful would actually cause him to vomit. As he gets to know a person, however, and becomes more comfortable around them, this nervousness fades for the most part, though it still depends on the situation. Kosuke is also the type of person that does not volunteer information, unless he has some reason to; he usually knows more about anything than he tells, though he is more open to his friends. A part of his reticence has to do with a deep seated fear that people are lying to him, and a part of it has to do with the business training his father has given him.

Unknown to most people, Kosuke actually has some limited psychic powers, inherited from his maternal grandfather. While he is unable to telekinetically move objects as a true psychic can, he does have notable telepathic abilities, but he keeps these hidden. At first, it was his secret way of knowing when people were lying to him. As he got older, he discovered the inherent advantage in being able to read people’s thoughts when they were not expecting it. His mother is aware of his abilities, as she has been keeping an eye out for psychic talent among her children given her father’s considerable talents. Kosuke’s father, however, is unaware, as are his siblings.

As a trainer, Kosuke does not favor a particular type. Instead he tends to favor unexpectedly effective Pokemon, or unusual tactics. He does, however, have a long standing fascination with three Pokemon (and their respective evolutions): Gardevoire, Kingdra, and Scizor. The former is largely due to his first Pokemon, a Ralts known as Miranda. She was, and still is, his best friend. Unknown to both of them, his near constant contact with her and his subsequent use of his abilities is what has been slowly awakening his psychic potential, though it is unlikely that he will ever be able to manipulate objects telekinetically. Miranda herself is even more timid than Kosuke, so while her Telepathy allows her to speak to both humans and Pokemon, she is far more likely to talk to the latter. Like all Ralts, she is sensitive to emotions, and hates seeing people in distress. So far on his journey, Kosuke has found a Horsea, whom he has named Iris, and intends to evolve her into a Kingdra in due time. He has not located a Scyther, but he has researched where to find one and intends to hunt for one in the Safari Zone.

Kosuke has met several people he would call friends (at time of update, every other PC except Ren and Karen, plus Nerine and Aryk). Over the course of the past few months, he has developed a romantic interest in Nerine Fujiwara. While it took him quite some time and a few failed attempts to work up the courage to do so, he has recently acted upon these feelings, and they have begun a relationship.

To Be Continued…

Kosuke Foxglove

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