Jethro Selvaratum

Researcher, Scientist


Jethro Selvaratum
Lv 20 Researcher, Scientist
Age: 28, Male, Height: 5’9", 138 lbs

S 8
D 8
C 8
I 25
W 26
Ch 10

HP: 112

Frantic Research
Walking Encyclopedia

Did the Homework
Field Commander
Frantic Research +
Game Plan
Game Plan +
Read the Manual
Strategic Targeting
Trait Theory
Trait Theory +

Potions Mastery
Repels Mastery

Body Pills
Defense Pills
Energy Brewer
Energy Mastery
Offense Pills
Frequency Pills
Status Brewer
Status Mastery
Trait Suppressant


Karen’s father. He lives full time in Felrun, doing research. He hasn’t seen Karen in close to a year. He makes most of his money producing and selling medicines.

He adores his wife and children, even though he spends most of the year away from them.

Jethro Selvaratum

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