Hayate Yoshida


Hayate Yoshida
Capture Specialist Pokeball Designer Collector
lvl 18
Max HP: 120 Current: 120
str: 10 + 0
dex: 23 + 6
con: 12 + 1
int: 21 + 5
wis: 9 – 1
cha: 10 + 0
Age: 16
Blood Type: A-
height: 5’7
weight: 135
Pokemon seen/caught: /37

money: 15800

features: 1 still needed
Poke Ball Repair: roll d20 add int and dex mods if roll exceeds 15 ball is repaired
Capture Point Plus: subtract half your int & dex mod from your capture roll
Curve Ball: deal your dex mod in dam when tossing a pokeball, ignores def&spdef
Informed Tracker: roll d20 add int mod if it exceeds 15 know the area, local pokemon & apricorns
Apricorn Ball: on an int roll 11+ you make an apricorn into a basic poke ball
Remedial First Aid: heal 1d20+int mod
Advanced Design: For 850p create Dusk, Dive, Heal, Luxury, Net, Nest, Quick, Repeat, Timer Ball
Conditional Advantage: When using a ball that subtracts from roll for condition add int when met ex dusk ball at night
Member’s Discount: 20% discount
Checklist: Now when you capture 8 different species you level, checklist value is this + dex mod check list count started at 20 owned
Capture Maniac: Subtract checklist value from capture roll. Every 10 levels another daily use.
informed tracker +
wilderness tracker
Capture Point Max
Ball Modification: Type

Capabilities: Overland: 6, Surface and Underwater: 5

poke ball tool box
moon stone
love ball
green pokeball
pink pokeball
yellow pokeball
blue pokeball
metal coat
premier ballx7
Poke Ball x8
great ball x3
white apricorn
enriched water x2
water stone
HP up
Net Ball

Ivysaur (M) Loyalty:4
EXP: 1005
Level 20
Hit Points 53/53
Stats: HP:10 At:6 Def:8 SA:13 SD:11 Spd:9
Nature: Modest
Ability: Chlorophyll
Capabilities: Overland: 8, Surface 2, Jump 2, Power, 2 Int 3, Sprouter

Jolteon (M) loyalty:3
Level 18
xp: 8554
stats: hp:12 at:6 def:15 sa:14 sd:13 spd:17
capabilities overland 14 surface 4 jump 4 power 2 int 4 tracker zapper

Gyarados (M) Loyalty: 2
EXP: 10636
Level 20
Hit Points: 65/65
Stats: HP:15 At:18 Def:10 SA:5 SD:15 SPD:10
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Torrent
Capabilities: overland 6 surface 10 underwater 10 jump 4 power 6 int 4 gilled reach

4. Nero
Nidoking (M) Loyalty 1
EXP: 8847
LVL: 18
HP: 54/54
Stats: HP:12 ATT:15 DEF:10 SPAT:9 SDEF:10 SPD:14
Ability: Rivalry
Nature: Brave
Capabilities: overland 7 surface 2 jump 2 power 4 int 4 groundshaper pack mon

5. Areta
Aerodactyl (F) Loyalty
Exp: 0
Lvl 1
Hit Points 25/25
Stats: HP:8 Att:13 Def:7 SA:4 SD:8 SPD:13
Nature: adamant
Ability: pressure
Capabilities: Overland: 4 Sky: 15 Jump: 4 Power: 5 Int: 4 Sinker

Geodude (M) Loyalty 1
EXP: 8104
Level 18
Hit Points: 46/46
Stats: HP:10 At:12 Def:15 SA:1 SD:6 SPD:3
Nature: Impish
Ability: Landslide
Capabilities: Overland:6 Sky:1 Burrow:6 Jump:2 Power:3 Int:2 Sinker ground shaper

Utility Pokemon
Ursaring (F) Loyalty:0
EXP: 30000
Level 32
Hit Points: 98/98
Stat: HP:20 At:22 Def:14 SA:6 SD:11 SPD:10
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Quick Feet
Capabilities: Overland: 8, Surface: 6, Jump 2, Power 4, Int 4, Tracker

Torkoal (m) Loyalty 1
EXP: 7244
Level 17
Hit Points: 41/41
Stats: HP:8 AT:11 DF:20 SA:12 SD:10 SPD:3
Ability: shell armor
Capabilities: overland 3 jump 2 power 4 Int 4 heater sinker

Haunter (F) Loyalty 1
EXP: 10000
Level: 20
Hit Points: 44/44
Stats: HP: 8 AT: 5 DF: 7 SA: 20 SD: 11 SPD: 12
Nature: Sassy
Ability: Intimidate
Capabilities: Sky 9 Power 2 Int 3 Invisibility, Phasing


Born in Kona Village to a house husband and a police officer Hayate spent a lot of time reading books. Never able to keep up with his older brother in the field of pokemon studies Hayate turned his focus to technology taking apart everything and anything he could get his hands on. Due to Kona Village’s low population there were very few people Hayate’s age none of them of the opposite gender leading to a constant infatuations with attractive members of the opposite sex. After a while his older brother Genji left to begin his own journey with a voltorb that caused to a village blackout. After that it was just him and his younger sister the wannabe idol Hayate’s life got a lot more annoying that day. He was always quiet and could never understand how an environment that produced him and Genji created Haruno. Within four years of his older brother leaving on his adventure it was now Hayate’s turn after promising to send his sister a clefairy, which he already regrets promising, he heads to the Professor’s lab to get his first pokemon.

Hayate Yoshida

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