Haruno Yoshida


Coordinator 1
HP: 56
Str: 8
Con: 15
Dex: 9
Int: 9
Wis: 9
Cha: 15

Natural Grace
Style and Poise


Faye (Clefairy)


The youngest Yoshida child Haruno shares the most characteristics of her parents of the three siblings having her father’s fortitude and her mother’s way with people. Spending most of her time day dreaming of being an idol, she wants to start entering contests as soon as she is old enough by her parent’s standards. Before her older brother Hayate could leave she made him swear to catch a Clefairy to be her first pokemon. Now with her starter she has begun planning and practicing intent on being the number one cute idol and coordinator in the world.

Haruno Yoshida

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