Haru Yoshida


LVL 20
Martial artist, athlete, type ace (fighting)
HP: 152
Str: 22
Dex: 18
Con: 18
Int: 9
Wis: 9
Cha: 10
Combat Focus
Martial Endurance:
C’mon and Slam:
Run, Baby, Run!:
Type Training:
Improved Type Attack:
Chosen One:
I can take a hit:
I can take a hit +1:
Cover your ears:
Look Out!:
Improved Combat Focus:
Improved Martial Endurance:
Tough Skin:
Jump Kick:
Strength Training:
Elemental Sync:
Elemental Shifting:
Move Shift:
Move Sync:
With the Elements:


Goro (Machamp)

Toss (Heracross)

Sinker (Poliwrath)

Crete (Conkeldur)

Bison (Gallade)

Ziggy (Staraptor)


Born and raised in Kona village Haru Yoshida always had a bit of a mean streak picking fights and pushing others around becuase of his strength. He figured his strength entitled him to what ever he wanted. When time came to go on his journey he chose a small machop to be his starter pokemon. He captured many strong pokemon seeing himself as neigh unstoppable, he would later encounter another boy from Kona who left around the same time as him having choosen an abra. Haru challenged the boy and the fight was over as soon as it started his entire team wiped out by one pokemon. His machoke Goro suffering several injuries and nearly dying. Realizing that brute strength wasn’t everything Haru returned home to Kona village hoping to set things right. Becoming a much kinder person he took to repairing the aged and damaged structures around Kona village as well as building new ones for those beyond saving. Now a welcomed part of the village he had become happy and content with his new life even meeting a girl who had just moved to Kona for work Officer Junsar. He would spend a good amount of his time fixing things around the village or taking care of his three children. Even his pokemon had taken this lifestyle to heart caring for the family and keeping the village maintained along side their master.

Haru Yoshida

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