Genji Yoshida

pokemon trainer, scientist, brother


LVL 20
Researcher 4 , Scientist 8 , Petrologist 8
HP: 138
Str: 8
Dex: 10
Con: 12
Int: 26
Wis: 20
Cha: 10

frantic research:
Walking encyclopedia:
Potions Mastery:
Repel Mastery:
Aim for the Horn:
I’ve heard about this place before:
Remedial first aid:
Read the manual:
strategic targeting:
status brewer:
status mastery:
Digging for the past:
Stone search:
Trait Theory:
Trait Theory + :
Field Commander:
Adventuring Archeologist:
Stone Energizer:
Stone Polish:
Slated for Renovation:
The Good Doctor:

Guile (Electrode)

Rancid (Muk)

3-D (Porygon, has yet to find am upgrade or dubious disc but actively looking)

Dotaku (Bronzong)

Doug (Dugtrio)

Gamera (Carracosta)

Trusty shovel and excavation kit
various potions, repels and status ailment items. (number and which to be decided by GM)
ultraball x7
multiple evolutionary stones (number and type GM choice)
My First Reanimation Set


The oldest son of Haru and Junsar Yoshida, Genji spent his days in Kona village building and designing many strange things. Being the pride of his parents Genji excelled in the scholastic arts being one to never stop working he kept moving forward in multiple fields of study from metallurgy, to chemistry, geology and even paleontology. During a blackout at the age of 16 Genji wandered out to the nearby powerlines to find out what had caused his computer to go out before he could save some data on a project finding a lone voltorb messing with the lines. Genji using a combination of surprise and ingenuity captured the pokemon claiming it as his first and a sign for him to finally begin his own journey.

Coming off as a hard worker and a little too serious to many people he was once asked if he would rather relax instead of work only to respond with “But this is relaxing”

Genji Yoshida

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