Elizabeth Selvaratum

Capture Specalist, Pokeball Designer, Petrologist


Elizabeth Selvaratum
Lv 23 Capture Specialist, Petrologist, Pokeball Designer
Age: 30, Female, 5’1", 118 lbs

S 10
D 26
C 4
I 26
W 10
Ch 10

Hp: 96/96

Capture Point
Curve Ball

Apricorn Ball
Catch Combo
Capture Point +
Capture Point MAX
False Swipe Tutor
Informed Tracker
Informed Tracker +
Pokeball Repair
Pokeball Smith

Advance Design
Conditional Advantage

Apricorn Shift
Apricorn Smith
Ball Modification: Habitat
Ball Modification: Power
Ball Modification: Type
Save Ball

Digging for the Past
Stone Search

Adventuring Archeologist
Stone Energizer
The Good Doctor


Karen’s mother. A traveling scientist, Elizabeth travels with her daughter and a few other scientists, looking for fossils and other oddities. She brought Susan on a whim, and was pleasantly surprised by how well Susan fit into the group.

She visits home fairly rarely, and hasn’t seen Karen in a few years.

Elizabeth Selvaratum

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