Aryk Fuujin

Psychic, Clairsentient


Aryk Fuujin
Psychic, Clairsentient
lvl 8
Max HP: 96
str: 4 – 6
dex: 10 + 0
con: 16 + 3
int: 23 + 6
wis: 14 + 2
cha: 6 – 4
height: 3’1"
weight: 35 lbs
Pokemon seen/caught: 76/10

Voltorb Flip

Telekinesis (X)
Telepathy (X)
Extrasensory (X)
Psychokinesis (X)
Teleport (X)

Hour’s Past
Image Trailing
Item Finder
Day’s Past

- Pokeball x3
- Net Ball x1
- Personalized Pokeball
- Potion x2
- Antidote x1
- Water x1
- Damp Stone x1
- 150 g

1. Eland
Abra (M) Loyalty:4
EXP: 617
Level 8
Hit Points 24
Stats: HP:6 At:2 Def:2 SA:15 SD:6 Spd:10
Nature: Quiet
Ability: Inner Focus
Capabilities: Overland 3, Power 1, Intelligence 4, Sinker, Telekinetic, Telepath
Move set: Teleport (psychic), Psychic (psychic)

2. Sazed
Machop (M) Loyalty:2
EXP: 909
Level 9
Hit Points 36
Stats: HP9 At:14 Def:6 SA:2 SD:5 Spd:5
Nature: Adamant
Ability: No Guard
Capabilities: Overland 7, Surface 4, Jump 3, Power 3, Intelligence 3
Move Set: Leer (normal), Low Kick (fighting), Focus Energy (normal)

3. Lyn
Poochyena(F) Loyalty:1
EXP: 200
Level 6
Hit Points 24
Stats: HP6 At:10 Def:5 SA:1 SD:4 Spd:5
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Run Away
Capabilities: Overland 7, Surface 4, Jump 2, Power 1, Intelligence 3, Tracker
Move set: Tackle (normal), Howl (normal)

4. Tony
Nidoran (M) Loyalty:1
EXP: 400
Level 7
Hit Points 24
Stats: HP6 At:7 Def:7 SA:4 SD:5 Spd:6
Nature: Stark
Ability: Poison Point
Capabilities: Overland 6, Surface 4, Burrow 4, Jump 2, Power 1, Intelligence 3
Move Set: Leer (normal), Peck (flying), Focus Energy (normal)

5. Human
Joltik (M) Loyalty:1
EXP: 400
Level 7
Hit Points 25
Stats: HP6 At:6 Def:5 SA:7 SD:6 Spd:10
Nature: Hasty
Ability: Unnerving
Capabilities: Overland 6, Surface 2, Jump 3, Power 1, Intelligence 3, Zapper, Threaded
Move Set: Leech Life (bug), Spider Web (bug), Thunder Wave (electric), Screech (normal)

6. Simon
Poliwag (M) Loyalty:1
EXP: 509
Level 7
Hit Points 22
Stats: HP5 At:6 Def:7 SA:5 SD:5 Spd:9
Nature: Lax
Ability: Damp
Capabilities: Overland 2, Surface 8, Underwater 5, Jump 2, Power 1, Intelligence 3, Fountain, Gilled
Move Set: Water Sport (water), Bubble (water)

7. Esther
Staryu (X) Loyalty: 1
EXP: 459
Level 7
Hit Points 22
Stats: HP:5 At:3 Def:9 SA:8 SD:7 Spd:11
Nature: Bold
Ability: Natural Cure
Capabilities: Overland 1, Surface 5, Underwater 5, Sky 5, Jump 2, Power 2, Intelligence 4, Fountain, Gilled
Move Set: Harden (normal), Tackle (normal), Water gun (water)

8. Barthalamuw
Slowpoke (F) Loyalty: 1
EXP: 459
Level 7
Hit Points 40
Stats: HP:11 At:11 Def:9 SA:5 SD:2 Spd:2
Nature: Naughty
Ability: Mind Mold
Capabilities: Overland 1, Surface 2, Underwater 2, Jump 1, Power 2, Intelligence 4
Move Set: Curse (special), Tackle (normal), Yawn (normal), Growl (normal)

9. Gladys – Missing nature and ability
Goldeen (M) Loyalty: 1
EXP: 150
Level 5
Hit Points
Stats HP: At: Def: SA: SD: Spd:
Capabilities: Overland 2, Surface 8, Underwater 8, Jump 3, Power 1, Intelligence 4, Gilled
Move List: Peck (Flying), Tail Whip (normal), Water Sport (Water)

10. Stupos – Missing nature and ability
Bidoof (M) Loyalty: 1
Exp: 150
Level 5
Hit Points
Stats: HP: At: Def: SA: SD: Spd:
Capabilities: Overland 6, Surface 6, Jump 2, Power 1, Intelligence 2
Move Set: Tackle (normal), Growl (normal)


Aryk Fuujin was born 3 months premature, to an unsuspecting mother who had shown almost no signs of being pregnant. The family, unprepared for this child, and reassured that the child would die within the day, breathed a sign of relief, knowing that they could continue to live their outlandish lifestyle of late night partying and promiscuity.

Aryk survived (obviously), though she has always been weak. Her parents, saddled with a child, did their best to ignore her existance. Malnutrition and abandonment were the status quo, though that didn’t bother Aryk. She manifested her powers young, and used them to perform every-day mundane things. Quick to learn and talented with telekinesis, ‘negligent parents’ became a minor inconvienence, whereas for most people it would have been a death sentance.

She stayed with them until she was 7, at which point a pokemon trainer – in the brunt of a heavy snowstorm – sought refuge in the family’s house. Built in the outskirts of the outskirts of town, the house seemed to be more or less abandoned. The parents had left almost a week ago to travel to the city to gamble, leaving Aryk alone to watch after the house. The pokemon trainer, so distraught over the squalid living conditions, gave to young Aryk a pokemon he had caught not a day earlier. The young Abra and Aryk became fast friends, in no small part due to their shared psychic fluency, and in no small part because their names both start with A.

Though that trainer had first suggested they traveled together, during the three days the snowstorm continued, the trainer was so disconcerted by Aryk’s demeanor, that he agreed they should go their seperate ways. Aryk smiled, knowing full well that the young trainer was leaving completely because of her, and bid the trainer adieu. She in turn left the house of her negligant parents, leaving but a single scrap of paper, with the word “farewell” scrawled onto it.

Aryk’s initial travels were… difficult to say the least. Having no money and a pokemon that couldn’t attack lead to some interesting situations. Luckily, shortly after they began their ill fated adventure, they stumbled upon an injured Machop. Using her feminine wiles (i.e. throwing a pokeball at it), they captured the Machop, and went out of their way to bring him to the pokecenter to recover. The machop has been a semi-loyal friend ever since. Shortly after that, Aryk awoke to a psychokinetic attack – and discovered that telekinetically thrown rocks hurt just the same as physically thrown rocks. It wasn’t long before her team of two became a team of six.

Aryk now spends her time traveling aimlessly. Her poochyena has a good nose for finding food-stuffs, though occasionally they do have to hunt for poochyena’s carnivorous needs. The party is currently surviving on a mix of delicious fruits and vegitables pilfered from the wilderness, and for poochyena, abra, and machop, the occasional meat meal from a good hunt. Aryk herself is a vegitarian.

Her most recent travels brought her to a lake. Having just spent the last 3 weeks being horribly lost, she decided to spend some time meditating there. Lyn hunted for the Aryk and her pokemon, gathering up Bidoof’s and green onions for the group to eat. Though she was only there for a day before her meditations were interrupted by a team of 3 – Nerine, Hayate, and Kosuke. As Aryk went about her business of catching pokemon, so did they. But at the end of the day, Poochyena came back empty handed, and although distrustful of this band of three, Aryk was invited in for dinner – an invitation she readily accepted.

She traveled with these three to the next city, where they reunited with Shinji, the fourth trainer. With a broken jaw and a broken leg, he was suprisingly beligerant, attmepting to break out of the hospital more than once. Aryk took a dip into his mind and was suprised to see the nurses manhandling him, so with a bit of trepidition, attempted to use hour’s past on one of his belongings. She was suprised to see not only the nurses being perfectly reasonable, but also all the way back to the prior day, where she saw him being brutally beaten by a chap she would soon find out was his brother. Startled by the images and – possibly more so – by her sudden growth, she decided to stick with this team to see if they would continue to help her powers grow.

The first day they were there, she – along with Hayate, Kosuke, and Nerine, decided to go out in the evening to explore the town and maybe find some pokemon to catch. Instead, in a shady part of town, they ran into four members of Diem, a shady organization to say the least. A pokemon battle ensued, which ultimately ended in the Diem team being routed. Enter BIG BAD, a young body snatcher whos name Aryk never caught. Aryk, throwing a psychic blast at one of the fleeing Diem members, recieved the full brunt of the blast thanks to BIG BAD’s use of Mirror coat. Knocking her unconcious, Aryk was brought to with a quick bandaging by Nerine. The party fled as BIG BAD’s Salamance was released. Luckily, the party was able to escape and flee back to the pokecenter to nurse their wounds.

Aryk Fuujin

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